Facebook Bans Comedian Terrence K. Williams Over Posting Hate Mail He Received From Tolerant Liberals

It’s been no secret for awhile that Facebook unfairly targets anyone right of center….but with the recent unfair banning of Diamond and Silk and The Conservative Latina, it would seem that the Zuck has a penchant for silencing minority conservatives in particular. After all, it goes against the false narrative that conservatives are all racist, cousin loving, bumpkin white supremacists, amirite?

Well, it turns out Terrence got banned for posting the exact same thing I did….


(See story above)

When he posted this…

For the record, responding as if you’re doing an exorcism to hate mail is effin genius. But not according to FB…

Also, even if you block people FB let’s them continue to message you, isn’t that nice? So calling people out publicly for threats they’re only brave enough to private message you with is something that just needs to be done sometimes.

Plus, it’s a public service announcement to all those that might not realize just how intolerant “tolerant liberals” can be….

Oh yea, it’s not just some random jerk as you can tell, it’s damn near constant harassment from the left.

You see….apparently liberals think it’s “ok” to be racist if your trashing a conservative….sounds insane, right?


Nope, super common. It’s all over leftist propaganda pages like Occupy Democrats and The Other 98%…..

Strangely, Facebook never censors or shadowbans those pages though, but has the time to constantly unpublish pages like I, Hypocrite and Turtleboy Sports for pointing out online hypocrisy and bull shit.

FB also never seems to ban individual people either that make those blatant racist comments against conservative minorities….but they will quickly ban those same conservative minorities over literally nothing all the time….


Seems fair, right?

So share this story, and let the powers that be know that we will not shut up about this unfair, biased social media censorship until it’s fixed or something creates a better platform….