Disgusting Feminist Leaves Menstrual Blood on Sidewalk, Thinks it Makes Her “Woke.”

She doesn’t like men, what a surprise. She also looks about as happy and fit as one would expect from a gross ass feminist that thinks it’s cool to brag about leaving her biohazard DNA all over a sidewalk for someone else to clean….

Jaqueline Mary bragged on Facebook that she left her menstrual cup on Donald Trump’s Hollywood star….


..and she’s proud of it too. Even though I’m sure she permanently scarred the innocent tourists that had to watch her fish it out in public, and that some poor asshole has to clean it up now….she truly believes she’s making a statement!

Ugh, a snowflake is someone that’s perpetually offended because their parents convinced them they were special when they weren’t, you idiot. I also had to cut out the part where she demands people send her money and gift cards because god forbid some idiot does.

She also seems dense as hell believing that she’s loved and getting praise over it when 95% of the comments are negative, including other lefties…

Pretty much everything wrong with her can be summed up by this…

Wildly unemployed…..what a shocker….

Also, I don’t get to do this often…

Who wore it better?

Gross Leftist Feminist