Cops Raid House Party With So Much Booze the Air Inside Was Legally Drunk

Cops raided this frat house in Bethesda, Maryland last November where there was so much open alcohol that the air inside registered on their breathalyzers as legally drunk…

(Guys, I’m fully aware that the local news station I pulled that screenshot from can’t do math, I’m pretty sure they meant .1 and you don’t have to keep messaging me that “my math” is wrong. They’re idiots, I’m not surprised.)

In true frat party fashion at least one student jumped out a second story window to avoid getting arrested. The organizers were not so lucky….

They face up to $315,000 in fines each….but I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty damn impressed at the whole escapade.

The cops have no idea how they managed to acquire that much alcohol although the fact they were celebrating “Tequila Tuesday” leads me to believe they’re pros at the drinking game…

I disappointingly couldn’t find a single picture of this epic party (if you know anyone that was there email them to me and I’ll add them) so here’s a picture of when I put on a seal costume and decided to do a “human slinky” impression head over feet down a spiral staircase…Cheers!

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