Controversial Roe V. Wade Movie Moves Forward, Despite Liberal Hollywood Backlash

A new film about the true story behind the infamous court case of Roe V. Wade is being made, and it’s already facing harsh backlash from the left…

Aside from an amazing cast starring almost every known conservative actor you can dream of, and including those unpolitically motivated as well…Jon Voight, William Forsythe, John Schneider, Joey Lawrence, Stacey Dash, Robert Davi, Nick Loeb, Wade Williams, Steve Guttenberg, Corbin Bernsen, Jaime Kennedy, Mindy Robinson, and Greer Grammar.

It also features cameos by outspoken conservative powerhouses like Tomi Lahren…

So why the controversy? Well, while the suffocating liberal bias in Hollywood is nothing new, it certainly has come out in full force against this project in particular. With the recent upset over the moderate Justice Kennedy stepping down and Trump’s promise to appoint a pro-life justice in his place…the question of overturning or at least re-arguing Roe V. Wade has most recently and serendipitously come to light.

The film has faced an uphill battle from the beginning. Early attempts to crowdfund the film by producers Nick Loeb, Cathy Allyn, and the niece of Martin Luther King, Alveda King resulted in the systematic banning and blocking of ads for it on Facebook. If you’re wondering why….it’s important to note that Mark Zuckerberg is a huge supporter of Planned Parenthood and even donated almost a billion dollars to the cause himself. No conspiracy there though, right?

Although the title of the film “Roe V. Wade” would imply that it is a pro-abortion story as it is named after the landmark case that legalized abortions as far along as 6 months…the fact that it actually intends to reveal just how flimsy the original argument was, is what scares pro-abortion activists…and for a very good reason.

While the film revolves around the stories of the real people involved from both sides, it’s important to note that several key proponents for abortion later go on to change their stance on the matter. Dr. Bernard Nathanson (played by Nick Loeb) changes his opinion (as many abortion doctors later did) after the invention of the ultrasound machine….the technology that gave a face to the unborn in the womb. Roe herself, with the unbearable guilt of women constantly thanking her for allowing them to have multiple abortions as a form of birth control…became pro-life later in life, and even tried to overturn her own case but ultimately failed.

The film also highlights that the origin of Planned Parenthood was rooted heavily on a covertly racist form of population control for poor urban blacks….a sad but true fact still mirrored in the way Planned Parenthood chooses who to target their advertising to this very day.

One cannot also ignore the fact that abortion clinics are big business as huge money makers at that….between the subsidization through “charity” abortion procedures it performs, and the grotesque selling of the resulting baby parts for profit.

I wish I were kidding about the latter, but this hidden video footage below of abortion doctors gleefully discussing how they make money off of dismembered babies parts is enough to make even a pacifist want kick one of them in the face.

Overall, the film is feared by liberals because it throws a huge wrench into the narrative of the unborn being “a faceless bunch of cells” and begs viewers to question when does life begin, and should Roe be reargued 45 years later for modern times? With earlier viability outside the womb ever increasing, more reliable and available forms of accessible pregnancy detection, improved contraceptive advancements, and the creation of the morning after birth control pill (effective in stopping fertilization for up to 3 days following an accident or birth control fail) have people wondering “Why shouldn’t we at least reevaluate how we look at non-medical abortions in this day and age?”

Turns out knowledgeable people are harder to control, and uber liberal Hollywood has been trying hard to bury a film that only means to tell a different side of the story. Anyone familiar with the recent revelation of just how fake and blatantly manipulative our news has become would know…..we are dealing with a heavy left leaning bias in all things media. Conservative ideals are constantly under attack…if you lean even slightly right of center chances are you’ve been bullied about it online or chosen to shut up about your opinions altogether. And despite the fact that the pro-life issue isn’t truly boxed in with one particular political party or another (it’s really all over the board in that matter) it is designated as a passionately hated conservative ideal by the left, nonetheless.

So why the unusually intense fervor? Well, abortions and Hollywood seem to go hand in hand. Many actresses in the past have chosen or were pressured to place more emphasis on their careers and bodies then taking the time (and money) to stop and have a child. Pressure from studios afraid to lose their box office meal tickets were notorious in the days. Marilyn Monroe was rumored to have had 12 abortions before the age of 29 herself. There are also more sobering stories about abortion in Hollywood as well, from women that were underage, abused, or at least later felt remorse and guilt…and for that, I can respect their sincere and somber sentiments.

What I cannot understand is the way it’s glorified by some, if not relished and celebrated by outspoken leftist Hollywood celebrities like Chelsea Handler who bragged about having two in one year, Martha Plimpton who bragged that her first abortion “was the best” and Lena Dunham who declared that she wished she could have one for no other reason other than because she could.

Hoe “woke” of them…I know.

And those same sentiments were echoed throughout the production of the film. Actors…who apparently couldn’t bother to read the script until it was too late or they were on set, dropped out. Crew members abruptly and bitterly quit…and so forth. Graphic movies about serial killers are kosher….but wanting to save babies upsets them? Oh, ok.

So yes, despite it all…this movie will continue filming. But more importantly it will give a hard earned voice to all those that have been silenced by the bullies of the regressive left in the media and in Hollywood…and more importantly….to the unborn who never had the chance to be heard at all.