Communism is Awesome: North Korean Defector Infested with the Biggest Worms Doctors Have Ever Seen

In “Communism is Awesome” news, a recent North Korean defector who was being treated for gun shot wounds in the ass, armpit, knee, shoulder, among other “unnamed wounds” (fucker was having a pretty bad day) discovered he was also infested with the largest parasitic worms they’d ever seen.

This is apparently a “thing” since half of those that defect end up being treated for butt worms. The only thing that shocked the doctor was the sheer size of them, almost a fucking foot long. Let me save you the nightmare and tell you that you won’t find any pics of it in Google image. The closest you’ll find is this…

That’s some poor guy’s asshole by the way…ugh, it’s like living spaghetti.

This stems from their dictator…

(Yea, this fat fuck isn’t skipping any meals) telling his people to fertilize their crops with their own shit which they call “night soil” (by the way, that’s the best euphemism for a human Mcnugget I’ve ever heard) because they lack, you know, chemical fertilizer and livestock (non human) shit.

Num num num num….

The only thing else in that guy’s stomach were some corn kernels. Like starving isn’t bad enough you’ve got to have a butt full of itchy hitchhikers stealing the minimal amount of nutrition you get. And this guy was a SSGT, imagine what the privates are eating….hey there’s a reason they’re shorter than their genetically similar buddies to the south.

Feel free to send this link to any of your asshole friends that think socialism and communism is great, or my favorite “hasn’t really been tried…”

Man, they’re so happy since they got de-wormed just for the Olympics!

4 thoughts on “Communism is Awesome: North Korean Defector Infested with the Biggest Worms Doctors Have Ever Seen”

  1. Hi Mindy, love your stuff. Just thought you should check this jerk out in Canterbury Ct., just around the corner from me. His name is Robert Skelly and is on Molon Labe Industries Facebook page. He posted that he thinks Republicans deserve death And I quote “stand against everything that made America,America. Yes i want war with Republicans. Iwant to watch them die long , slow painful deaths in the most horrific manner possible,and then i want to televise it and preserve it for all eternity. I want republicans to be seen for what they are…the worst cancer ever to be on this planet and i want them to be exterminated as the threat to humanity that they are . never forget, never forgive. ” Now to me, thats really fucked up and I think you would agree. This guy is clearly out of his mind and needs to be spanked! Who better to give him that spanking than the lovely Mindy Robinson! Keep up the good work . I really like reading your posts. You tell it like it really is with no sugar coated bullshit!

  2. Yes Communism is awesome, with it North Korea has taken a great leap backwards to the dark ages. Even the Romans had better sanitation than this

  3. There’s no communism in North Korea, only totalitarianism and a bit of fascism! Cut the bullshit, you stupid brainwashed americans!

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