CNN Claims Popular Cartoons Thomas the Train and Paw Patrol are “Fascist” in the Dumbest Article Ever

CNN has truly outdone itself now….when they’re not reporting on what Trump had for lunch they’re out scouring the universe for dumb shit to be offended about.

Don’t quote these “prestigious publications” CNN that supposedly agree with you on this, because that’s what actual journalism would entail….

It gets worse…

It’s a fucking train, it’s doing its train job…I know the idea of employment is foreign to most democratic constituents but TFB.

Honestly, I read through the whole boring article and I couldn’t figure out how they got “facism” out of that….they seem to be mad that it’s a little white boy leading them, they can’t all be Dora…

OMG, were the people at CNN never children or something? That’s what kids do, even when they’re playing there’s always a leader. That’s how the world works, are you trying to just blatantly promote communism at this point?

No, fuck yourself CNN. As a female I’m insulted that anyone would lose there position just to throw a less qualified woman in….there are already female driven kid shows out there. I know it kills the left, but let boys be boys.

…and if you’re wondering what kind of dumbass leftist shithead wrote that article for CNN……

Yea that’s right, an undateable insufferable feminist in a tit suit is preaching to you about the “morality” of cartoons….Stuff it CNN.

4 thoughts on “CNN Claims Popular Cartoons Thomas the Train and Paw Patrol are “Fascist” in the Dumbest Article Ever”

  1. OMG. My two-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter loves Paw Patrol. We watch an episode almost every day while she eats her lunch. I’m going to have to start watching more episodes of Paw Patrol. With my granddaughter.

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