City of San Jose Rep Harasses and Threatens Conservatives Online

Although hate mail from “tolerant” leftists in the inbox of a conservative correspondent is nothing new, rarely does it come from someone dumb enough to use their real account that lists their real job that specifically states that there’s a code of ethics to obey.

Erin Sith….who you might better know as the redheaded patriot that kicked the shit out of an antifa man that attacked her….

…..received these wonderful unsolicited messages from someone that sits on the City of San Jose’s Historical Landmark Commission.

He’s “hoping she gets fucked up in SJ…” What is he referring to, you ask? Well, Erin is organizing this….

…..that’s right. This guy is actually upset about an anti-pedophile rally. Let that sink in for a minute.

But wait, there’s more…he also decided to harass the other person running the event as well.

Having internet balls is one thing….being dumb enough to publicly post your personal info and doxx yourself is another….

Oh….there’s a code of ethics you say to this city commission you’re on?

Life comes at you fast sometimes, and I’m guessing he realizes his error by this empty apology…

He’s not a bad guy….he just likes sending harassing and threatening messages to a conservative trying to put together an anti-pedo rally. I wonder what part of that offended him by the way….the fact is was being organized by patriots, or you know, that whole pedo thing.

Nice glamour headshot too, douche.