California Proposes Law Banning the Sales of Gas Cars by 2040

California Assemblyman Phil Ting (pictured below) has proposed a new law that would ban the sales of non-commercial gasoline powered engines statewide by 2040…

Ting, a lover of fine bow ties whose district also includes the progressive, sensible city of San Francisco…proposed the law mainly to combat environmental issues caused by fossil fuel emissions.

This obviously raises many questions for residents of the state, and although the assemblyman wasn’t available to answer questions himself for this article, his assistant Pu Tang was….

Tony Buck first asks, “Aren’t the lithium batteries electric cars use with their strip mining and caustic nature just as bad for the environment?”

Tang replied, “We are currently working on better ways to recycle and reuse the old lithium batteries. Right now we are starting to send them to less advantaged countries like Mexico to deal with….

Tom Tocco asked, “Electric cars are generally more expensive to buy, how are lower class people going to be able to afford it?”

To which Tang replied, “Well, as a Democratic representative Phil Tang wants you to know that he is definitely there for the poorer, less fortunate people.”

Tom, “Wait, how does that solve the problem though?”

Tang, “It doesn’t, but he wants you to know…he’s there for you.”

Billy Hach then asked, “Most electric vehicles are relatively small with low horse power, I need a reliable work truck to run my small business. What am I supposed to do?”

Tang, “If you own your own small business than you should have known California was not the place for that, you probably vote Republican anyway so just move to Texas.”

The moderator, Mindy Robinson then asked, “So what stops people from crossing over state lines and purchasing gas powered vehicles?”

Tang, “………………………………………”

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