California Anti-Gun Senator Sentenced to 5 Years for Illegal Gun Running

In light of a recent push by Democrats to unconstitutionally outlaw semi-automatic weapons and thus pretty much every gun on the market….I thought it might be a good time to remind everyone about a little story the media buried just last year.

Meet former California state senator Leland Yee, once considered the second most powerful Democrat in the state.

Like most leftists, he spent his career being a strong proponent for stricter gun laws….which if you know anything about California gun laws then you know they’re already as restrictive, ridiculous, and unconstitutional as they get. Want a conceal carry to protect yourself from getting raped and murdered? Yea, too fucking bad unless you happen to reside in a rural country. It’s a “may issue” state which is their round about way of denying citizen’s 2nd amendment rights.

But I digress.

What’s not surprising about a Democratic politician that represents the uber metropolis of San Francisco that of course went to UC Berkeley is learning that……wait for it…..that they’re also a huge hypocrite and all around mega douche to the tenth degree.

That’s right….he’s not just flooding his own neighborhoods with illegal military grade firearms….he’s also managing to support Islamic terrorism while he does it.

(Side note: did no one tell the terrorists what MILF stands for in America?)

Seriously though, so I’ve got to defend owning a semi automatic rifle non stop, while this guy’s handing out fucking shoulder mounted missile launchers? WTF?

And these aren’t just “allegations” either….he plead guilty.

And while crooked politicians and liberal hypocrisy is nothing new, it is important to point out that this latest wave of gun grabbing political grand standing is just that…an attempt to garner media attention and distract from the fact that the real issue at hand is why our current background check system is garbage and that the FBI’s is completely incompetent (or more likely, compromised) as hell.

Either way, you’re not getting my god damn guns…..

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  1. Whereas it’s beneficial to us to have supporters who care about the people or our history while deciding our futures, some people are so emotionally in tune to concepts that even though it’s counter-productive for them (crooked hipocrites) to have people who can do both (correctly), you really do the cause justice.

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