BBC’s New Documentary “Should I Marry My Cousin?”

Should I marry my cousin….let me think about….oh hell fucking no. WTF BBC? I answered that in about 1.5 seconds how did you stretch a dumb ass question like that into a 34 minute documentary?

But she’ll have so much in common with her cousin! Things like values, and the same club foot. Even despite visiting the home of fellow cousin lovers and seeing their collection of severely inbred children she’s got to think about it a little more, you know? It’s “just the luck of the draw” whether your kid comes out wanting to eat rocks or not.

Oh yea, seek your uncle/cousin/brothers advice, he loves his cousin marriage! Best thing ever, it’s like loving himself!

Honestly, the only thing more surprising than BBC glossing over the fact 1st cousin fucking is gross and leads to all kinds of Goonies related problems for the offspring is that the girl herself is surprisingly not bad looking at all, she must have had great looking cousin/parents….

3 thoughts on “BBC’s New Documentary “Should I Marry My Cousin?””

  1. Having the same values as your cousin just isn’t true… One of my cousins was a major drug dealer… and I sure wasn’t. Never even drank alcohol. Each person has their own values… not their cousins, and often not their families either

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