Band Aproposly Named “Garbage” Tells Pro-Life Fans to Throw Out Their Music

While we will never all agree on the issue of abortion, I think we can unanimously admit that hating people and pissing off what few fans a washed up 90’s band had over it is a remarkably idiotic and self defeating thing to do.

Do they have the right to their own opinions and political beliefs? Absolutely. Do they have the right to tell their fans if they’re pro-life then they’re not their kind of people and to just throw their albums in the garbage? Yes…..they can do that….but it’s also our right to scrutinize them for it, and point out that it does nothing beneficial to anyone, ever in the end.

Of course there are people out there who are against killing unborn babies, for a lot of good reasons….and being a dick to them about it will never, ever, sway any of them away from that belief, nor should it.

Omg, they’re so old that they think people still buy physical albums to throw down all these “chutes…”

I’d be more amazed if anyone still even had their CD of them to throw away, maybe it’s still in someone’s 5 disc changer somewhere….

Sigh……one of my old fav high school band’s is now just another bitter SJW mouthpiece…and most of the other ones are dead.

RIP 1990’s

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