Authorities Downplaying the Melbourne Attack as Act of Terrorism

We all saw the awful news that a vehicle plowed into a crowd of holiday shoppers in Melbourne, injuring 19 people including a 4 year old….but authorities seemed quick to excuse it away as the work of a “mentally ill drug addict.”

Of course that strikes the average person as odd….Muslim extremists in particular have been using vehicles in attacks recently, purposefully targeting busy streets and tourist areas….this really wasn’t the work of some sort of terrorism?

Really bro? Really CNN?

You’ll find hidden somewhere in the reports the light mention that the man was of “Afghani decent” but this too is a euphemism. He wasn’t just of “decent” he was a refugee and only became an Australian citizen 2 years ago.

So why put the emphasis on mentally ill and not terrorism? Well, because much like the US, Australia is having its own problems with unchecked immigration and terrorism and their media seems just as left leaning and biased.

What the media failed to mention at the time was that upon the immediate apprehension the suspect rambled on about god and claimed to have done it over the “mistreatment of Muslims.”

Oops, that doesn’t fit the narrative…so then authorities tried to spin it that it couldn’t be terrorism because the man wasn’t officially affiliated with known terrorist organizations….sorry, but that’s not the definition of terrorism.

The use of violence or intimidation? Check. The targeting of civilians? Check. A motive of political means? Check.

Yup, he’s a terrorist.

The definition of terrorism is the killing of civilians for political purposes…no one cares if you’re mentally ill….that just goes without saying.

Doesn’t matter if you’re Muslim or not, it’s the motive. Irish car bombs weren’t always just a gross tasting shot you order at the bar.

You do no one any favors by white washing the truth. Being politically correct is getting people hurt and killed. You cannot fix a problem that you refuse to address as a problem. Wackos come in all colors and flavors……but for some reason it isn’t kosher to point out when it’s Muslim related…

Address it. Prevent it. Vet it. You should be able to walk down the damn street in your neighborhood…

And just to remind you why….here are some reminders…

Never Forget….

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