Anti-LGBT Legislator Gets Caught Banging Dude in His Office

More proof that those that emphatically preach the hardest against gays, are closeted gays.

“Natural Marriage” you know, like the kind where you pretend to be straight and hate on people that are trying to marry people that they’re actually sexually attracted to.

Look, I’m a conservative because I like owning guns, freedom of speech, welfare reform, better immigration enforcement, and I’d like the government to stop spending our tax money on stupid fucking things…same sex marriage though? I could give a flying fuck, go ahead. Why this guy was so staunch against it? Well…

Newsflash, you’re not “straight/curious” if you’re getting down with dudes on the regular. You’re also not riding the morally superior over everyone wave if your married and butt fucking guys off of Craig’s list behind your wife’s back and sending sexually lewd messages to impressionable young aids that work under you and are afraid to say shit.

Can we talk about the wife for a second? She’s not awful looking as most beards go…

But with a creative screen name like @beth1027 I bet she’s exciting as room temperature tapioca. Hundred dollars says she ends up staying with him anyway…don’t say she didn’t know either….the guy was previously busted back in 2015

Must be hard to be such a fuck up that no one can even tell what sexual misconduct incident you’re specifically resigning for.

That creepy smile should be a crime, but being gay isn’t. He should just embrace it and come out, but he won’t. In fact, I bet you this guy stays married and spends the rest of his years “praying the gay” out of himself and sucking random stranger’s dicks in truck stop bathrooms….I just hope she makes him brush his teeth every time he comes home.

3 thoughts on “Anti-LGBT Legislator Gets Caught Banging Dude in His Office”

  1. I’m like you Mindy sand the good looking part.
    I’m conservative, love guns, personal freedom, immigration enforcement, national security.
    I do not care what your sexual preference is, so long as it’s consentual and with an adult.

    Stop wasting my taxes on stupid shit!
    And people like this guy are one of the worst kind of people you could possibly be.
    Hypocrite doesn’t even cover it.

  2. Yes I was a stanch Reaganite fighting against porn while dealing with the addiction because I love the mystique of the female anatomy. It is beautiful to look at a attractive girl. In the 1990s I was an ardent and now a renewed fan of Bikini Kill and Miss Kathleen Hanna. I voted Al Gore in 2000 because of GW Bush Pentecostal theorocial dictatorship and a fiscal socialist. When it was Obama, I became a staunch antigay until 2015 when the gay law passed.

  3. Now with Trump I have eased off of criticism of gays because the gays are becoming conservatives like Milo Yannipolious and Blaire White. This person mentioned in your article is a prime example of a Republican eunuch that is a secret gay behind his wife’s back. I now don’t care if you are gay but practice what you preach. We fight for our rights. Let’s love instead of hate by so called Repubs and third wave feminist. They are one in the same.

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