Anti-Fascists Beat Tolerance Into People in Melbourne

In protest of the arrival of a gay conservative speaker, anti-fascists gathered in front of the Pavilion in Melbourne carrying large sticks and bats hoping to attack anyone daring to act like fascists and stifle free speech at the event….

The streets quickly became flooded with the tolerance and love they shared…

When asked by a reporter if beating people to silence them was actually, the definition of being fascist, one Australian Antifa member replied, “Naw, cause…..wells it doesn’t count if we’s do it, eh. We’re anti-fascists, it’s in the name so….we can’t be fascists.”

The reporter then asked, “Beating people up because they don’t share your opinion is….not fascist?”

The Antifa man replied, “But they’re Nazis, see, so it’s ok. There here to see a Nazi speak, and I’m here to bash the fash!”

“A Nazi? You are aware that Milo Yiannopoulos is a gay man married to an black guy, right?”

The man replied, “Ahh, it’s a helluva cover, eh? Right wingers be tricky like that, pretending to be one thing when they’re actually worse….

Reporter, “Um…..”

The interview abruptly ended when the man was sprayed with capsicum and dragged away by police who were quote, unquote “Sick of this fake hippie shit…”

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