Breakdown of the Dumbest “Feminist” Article I’ve Ever Seen

I come across garbage all day long online, but rarely do I come across garbage this awful that’s managing to trend on Google…

There’s a lot of interesting stuff going on in the world today…the First Lady being escorted by a guy in military dress not bring one of them.

Let’s take a stroll through this lazy article from “The Slot” which is just a subdivision of the feminazi propaganda machine that is…

“Some dude?” As you can guess, the title alone is a peek into the vast vocabulary and mastery of the English language behind this feminist writer…

Seems like a nice enough post by Melania, but remember….the left is trained to find a problem with anything.

That’s the actual opening of the article. It’s mostly just incomplete sentences and thoughts, and I still have no idea what the author is talking about yet.

Huh? Someone clearly failed Freshman comp. I’ve literally written drunk texts with better context than this “article.”

That’s the entire article by the way, I’m not even kidding.

Here’s the actual link…

I’m sure Google isn’t showing favoritism to left wing websites at all, because clearly the author is deserving of this attention given her journalistic prowess and gripping story telling.

I even scrolled through the comments looking for some kind of closure, hoping that maybe I had just “missed something.”

Ooooooooh, is that what sensible people missed reading this?

She must be “banging” the guy next to her because……”nonjudgmental of other women feminism” right?

Anything else to add?

…and neither can you. “Honestly, I don’t think she speaks English very well.” There I fixed it for you.

Oh, her child is “special needs” now, because anything’s fair game when your hating on “mean” conservatives. Thank you for enlightening us with your tolerance on the matter.

What would we do in the world, if self-entitled, virtue signaling, man hating feminist writers didn’t shine light of riveting stories like this?

I’d say, tell them to “fuck off” but they’re already doing that themselves…

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