Man Who Stormed Capitol and Filmed Shooting is Known Violent BLM Activist

While the rally at the Capitol was almost entirely peaceful in DC especially considering how many people were there fighting for a stolen election no one seems to want to do anything about, agitators inciting the crowd did manage to bust through barriers and windows to occupy the Capitol. Rumors that Antifa would disguise themselves as MAGA to initiate violence preceded the event trough fliers people had seen.

One witness caught video of cops escorting 7 buses of Antifa to the capital.

There were a few instances caught on video as well, you can see in the video below an Antifa type person tries breaking through a window, other Trump supporters started booing them and trying to get them down.

So where did all these buses of Antifa go?I’d love to know. Because they were nowhere to be found anywhere as I personally attended the rally and walked all over the Capitol. Normally, they have their own little angry abusive groups and mega phones just to be annoying, but I didn’t see any at all.

One witness, Nichole Nogrady saw an individual dressed in all black with a group of other individuals dressed in all black buying Trump gear at the event. Did they lose their luggage, or did they just convert to Trump in the final hour? And since Antifa usually has that…you know “look” I heard from a lot of patriots that they saw several people that just seemed and acted too out of place.

Turns out it wasn’t all their imagination. At least one pivotal person to the riots has already been identified as an anti-Trump, anti-law enforcement activist, and founder of radical leftist group Insurgence USA, 26 year old Utah resident John Sullivan.

John is known for his violence.

John Sullivan also happens to be the individual that can be seen in the corner as Ashli Babbitt is shot, as you can see from that screenshot, and in the video below.

Notice in the video his unusual behavior, he barely reacts to someone getting shot in front of him. While everyone is ducking for cover or helping her, he doesn’t even bother to get out of the window.

Coincidently, this anti-cop activist is also the person who actually filmed the shooting the closest when security aimed for her head and shot her, you can tell by the same cracked window and position it’s filmed below. It wasn’t until I saw this video, that as a 2A supporter I realized what a bad shooting it was. That was no “accidental discharge” but judge for yourself.

Speaking of…so who shot her? I can’t seem to find his name or what agency he was with anywhere. We all know there’s nothing the media loves more then demonizing law enforcement for shooting anybody…nevermind that they were absolutely 100% visibly unarmed…so why haven’t they released his name or interviewed him? As of 1/8/2021, 2 days after the incident no one seems to know. I verbally heard from several sources it was Chuck Schumer’s ex-security guy, but I honestly cannot seem to confirm, so I’m guessing the media is trying to bury it. I guess they only care about criticizing police shooting when there’s weapons or drugs involved and they can use it to race bait and divide the country.

John Sullivan also made time to go on CNN to take about the shooting, as to “why” he was there in the first place…he wouldn’t reveal. Yea, I bet.

He was also detained for questioning last night in the video below, so maybe they can get him to explain what an anti-cop activist is doing inciting violence at a Trump rally and happened to be in the perfect spot to film it.

Think about this, he saw that security guard aiming and getting ready to shoot her….and he said nothing, he warned nobody, he just kept filming. Wrap your mind around that level of cold depravity.

Don’t forget, despite everything I just documented…the fake news media is still claiming leftists couldn’t possibly be involved. I love the “loosely organized” description of Antifa the best, considering how well organized AND funded they are. Fake news gonna fake.

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