Forensic Analysis of Antrim County Michigan Reveals Massive Voter Fraud

While the technical forensic analysis for Antrim County was revealed earlier today, websites posting it are taken down faster than most people can read.

Luckily I took screenshots and did a simplifying breakdown of it on my Facebook before the last link I was looking at got taken down.

It is VERY detailed, and very damning proof that election fraud not only occurred in Antrim county, but explains how and why all states using Dominion were likely manipulated, which is what caused all those weird negative counts, number switching on live TV, and mathematical impossibilities.

  1. The acceptable error rate put forth by the Federal Election Commission is .0008% (1 in 250k.) The error rate for Antrim County is an astounding and unacceptable 68.05%
  2. These “errors” cause ballots to be kicked over to hand adjudication, where a single person can alter, add, delete, move, or throw out a ballot at will. This is likely why GOP poll watchers were not being allowed to observe in many swing states election night, or kept as far away as possible from the screens.
  3. A staggering amount of ballots needed these “hand adjudications.” In Central Lake Township 1,222 ballots reversed out of 1,491 total…that means 81.96% of those ballots were decided by whatever human being was sitting in that chair.
  4. Who actually altered which ballots and how are currently untraceable, as adjudication logs for 2020 (but not previous years) were deleted of the computer despite it being illegal to do so. On November 21, 2020 a user attempted to zero out ALL data of the computer but failed, proving malicious intent and not a “computer glitch.”
  5. The USB sticks containing Dominion software also revealed different tabulation results during testing, depending on which ones are used. This is proof that a fractioning algorithm was used that allows one candidate’s vote to count more and the other less. That’s why we have different numbers coming up for the same ballots, and different candidate winners as results.
  6. Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benton willfully lied about all of this, blaming it on an impossible “human error.” Between this and the complete lack of security of the machines themselves from hacking, malware, and remote manipulation through the internet…the election results for Michigan should absolutely not have been certified.

Keep in mind, this was just one county in Michigan and it was only caught initially by accident. All the issues and problems stated apply to ALL the states currently using the Dominion system, and explains why numbers in multiple states were “switching” and being taken from one candidate to another on live TV.

This country needs to redo this election without these machines ASAP.