Republican Voters Being Given Wrong Ballots in Pennsylvania

Registered Republicans are being given Democrat-only ballots in today’s primary election in Pennsylvania. One Republican voter was forced to vote on a Democrat ballot despite arguing with personnel that insisted his Democrat ballot it was “correct” and refused to give him another. After getting home he checked the state government website only to discover that he was indeed a registered Republican and was given the incorrect ballot thus robbing him of his right to vote in his party’s primary election.

Another Pennsylvanian Republican received a Democrat ballot by “mistake” and when he argued with the personnel at the polling station his “wrong” ballot was placed in a bag with hundreds of other “wrong ballots.” There are several other issues he had with the ballots as well….

If anyone else experiences biased voter fraud please contact me at so that I may update this article.

The Republican Committee of Allgheny County is also collecting information from anyone else experiencing political discrimination and voter suppression. Please contact them at:

Allegheny County Republican Committee. 100 Fleet Street, Suite 205. Pittsburgh, PA 15220 (412) 458-0068 if you have any further info.

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