Corey Feldman is a Sexual Predator: Former Angels Speak Out

There was a point in time where I would say that I was good friends with Corey Feldman, but that relationship quickly fell apart due to moral reasons and his own weird brand of selfish Hollywood douchbaggery. He demanded I had to wear white if we hung out or did an event which was…weird, but whatever. Then he started demanding that I couldn’t eat meat in front of him. He had actually invited me to dinner, but then refused to “allow” me to order anything with meat because he was vegan and found it “offensive” which was the last time I agreed to ever take him up on dinner. I was always an outsider to Hollywood which probably saved me in the end. I was in my 30’s and working non-stop in independent films and reality TV at the time, I didn’t “need” Corey Feldman to help me and he always resented that.

Years later, and now a political commentator, I cover a lot of topics…biased media censorship, election fraud, and I also expose pedophiles and predators online. Which between that and my past history with him is how I imagine is I ended up delving into this story about Corey Feldman that was sent to my inbox it the first place.

The accusations against Feldman are beyond horrendous. Emotional abuse, controlling what the women around him wore and ate (gee, that sounds familiar), physical assault, non-stop sexual harassment, plying women with drugs and alcohol to render them either willing or unconscious enough to have sex with him, non-consensual sodomy and rape by use of force on a woman while she cried about it. The saddest part, is that all these testimonies from former band mates and friends is that it fits in EXACTLY with things I’ve heard and seen him do before.

Three progressively worse things happened that forced me to end my friendship with Corey Feldman. First, after inviting me to his birthday party I was told by the doorman that I had to pay to get in, or take my clothes off. I called Corey pissed off, and he stated he would “only” let me in if I agreed to walk around in a bra and thong for his friends. After an argument in which I obviously won, I managed to get into the party without doing either. But I was clearly “ostracized” from him and his harem for not playing along that night, and that was fine by me. The party ended up being so unbelievably bad and that VICE did an article making fun of it. I‘ve never been happier that I left 15 minutes into a party before in my life.

The second time, I had to console a young woman who he had plied with so much drugs and alcohol that she had gotten ill. I held her hair while she cried and threw up, while Corey stomped around angry because she wouldn’t have sex with him and Lord knows I wasn’t, so he just kept getting madder and madder “demanding” that she go into the bedroom to have sex with him. I yelled at him to back off and stayed with her until she felt better and finally went to sleep. She seemed unaffected by it when I talked to her the next day probably too out of it to remember, it didn’t sound like the first time that had happened either. This brought up another discussion (because he had also given her a bladder infection which was also making her miserable) about the third and final thing I found out he was doing. Corey Feldman was having unprotected sex with all these young girls and convincing them it was “safe.”

Corey liked using his “celebrity” status to reel in young, usually out of town, naive girls, but it turns out he also convinced them that a make-up sponge dipped in a questionable spermicide he bought from China would protect them from every disease in the world…including AIDS. I said something to the likes of (forgive my French) “what the fuck are you talking about?” He claimed that Charlie Sheen showed him this “method” and that it was 100% fail safe. This is about where I went ballistic and even went on Google to prove that whatever he’s talking about doesn’t exist (and it didn’t) and that he’s probably giving all these young innocent girls horrendous, incurable STDs. This lead to a fight where Corey and his girlfriend went to get tested just to show me the results and thankfully for all those women he slept with, it was still negative. I said “I’m glad you’re healthy…but you’re just lucky and this needs to stop.” He didn’t care, it was keeping his idol Charlie Sheen safe, which as you can tell this happened all before Sheen himself revealed that he had contracted HIV and was hiding it. So much for the “fail proof” method. ??

That’s my Corey Feldman story which I always thought was bad enough. There are still happy pictures of us out there from a few events or projects I did which is how this story got back to me. I wanted to use my platform to give these women the voice they have been denied by a hypocritical, soulless industry that only cares about pretending to help women and victims of their abuse. Do not fault or attack these women for their testimonies, Corey Feldman is a manipulative, emotional bully and takes advantage of every one he knows. I very well believe that he himself was a victim of sexual abuse…but that does not give him the right to sexually violate women all the while pretending to fight Hollywood predators. Make no mistake, Corey Feldman is a sexual predator of the worst kind. Take into consideration the accounts of women that worked directly with him more than anyone else.


1. Mara Moon, musician and former band mate:

It has taken me a little bit to collect my thoughts and to find the right words and spirit to sit down and pen write this letter. I wanted to make sure that I came from the right place with what I am about to say. The easiest thing for me to do right now is walk away from everything I am seeing and try to maintain what is, at best, an unconscionable Non-Disclosure Agreement, crafted only to benefit one party’s abhorrent business practices and public image.  In fact, what I have is a non-signed, non legally binding agreement.  It would be easy to walk away and let others figure things out the hard way like I had to. I can’t do that however. I am not afraid to let the public know both what I witnessed or what I was made to endure.  I try my best to live my life with integrity and feel if this information is public record, it may spare other performers. I just want to help other victims.  Playing an  instrument is hard enough without added sexual exploitation & having your dreams preyed upon by a predator like this. 

I am a musician.  I am a singer and a songwriter.  Those are my strengths.  I also play guitar and when I was hired to perform in Corey’s band, I looked forward to the opportunity to work with other musicians and grow both my knowledge and skill. I never saw this as an “opportunity” to make it big or even get recognized. I truly admired the fellow musicians I worked with.  The benefit to me, in a professional sense was, I would be able to work with and experience other artists. Growth. I am not what one would consider by Corey’s description of an Angel as a lost soul in need of saving from myself. I am very self aware and I am a very balanced and grounded person. I’m pretty strong and came from a pretty streetwise background and Corey Feldman was still able to get in my head and manipulate me into sitting through orgies. His behavior with me was mild compared to other women yet it was still disgusting, traumatic, triggering, abusive and psychologically warped. 

I am going to cut to through the chase, I did NOT leave the tour because I was in fear of my life from outside people. My safety and health were jeopardized by my employer, Corey Feldman practically every day I was on tour.  I was not comfortable with what I was being asked to be a party to and it did not sit well with me. From the onset, Corey had expressed to everyone on tour that he was going to start a campaign in order to generate some funds. This was not a spur of the moment afterthought when the tour fell apart. He had this in mind from about October 14 in Reno, NV.  To be honest, I did not have a full understanding of what he was doing but in my gut, it did not sit well. It felt dishonest and I didn’t like being asked to be part of it. At that time, I expressed my concerns that, logically, reasonably, that if he felt he needed additional security because that was his reason for needing to start this fundraising campaign, than what kind of danger did that present for myself? I was met with indifference because as was stated to me by Corey, “you’re not in danger. You aren’t a household name.” The verbal abuse and condescension was ongoing. On one occasion, I had lost pieces to my Lolita costume and was forced through being yelled at to find pieces in a lost and found of undergarments. I was yelled at to “just wear them” and had them thrown at me when clearly they were soiled with either menstrual or fecal matter. My safety both physically and mentally were constantly under assault. I was met with that tone, as though I was collateral damage or that I should be grateful for this opportunity whenever I brought any concerns about circumstances or conditions during the tour. I felt like I had my hopes and dreams held over my head.

I know that I probably should have left much sooner than I did. I feel that once it became apparent to both Corey and Courtney that I didn’t cosign their “lifestyle” and was not going to come across in a manner they wished, my days were effectively numbered regardless. I felt as though I was reminded regularly that this was my “dream” and it could all vanish if I did not, at least, turn a blind eye. The subtle continual emotional, verbal and physical abuse had begun to take a toll and I literally felt alone and ostracized.  

The contract I signed guaranteed for food, suitable accommodations, a safe and drug free environment and payment.  To date, none of the contractual obligations have been met. I was subjected to accommodations contrary to the contract.  I was made to share a bed with two other adult women while the motel room was “comped” by the venue. I was guaranteed food but it was rationed to the point I received ¼ of a veggie burger while others that are not vegans ate full portions. I was told to “get the fuck up and put these groceries away” by Corey. They were not my groceries. They were Courtney and Darci’s groceries. They were picked for themselves and paid out of the tour food budget. A privilege I did not receive. I wasn’t even allowed to eat any of them. There were a lot of tears shed before I had even decided to leave the tour.  

The tour was a very unstable and unsettling experience.   I was subjected to domestic altercations between Corey, Courtney and Darci, “their girlfriend.” They were violent in the sense that there was loud yelling, arguing, door slamming and it was all fuelled by drugs. Yes, there were drugs. I have a hard time reconciling Corey putting forth a drug free image when in fact, THEY were arrested for drugs being in the RV we were travelling in. Again, by contract, I was guaranteed a drug free environment. I have a reasonable expectation of such. Corey tried to silence me with an NDA knowing full well he was not honest about his lifestyle to me upfront. This is so low considering how many concessions on my life and safety he asked me to make, without notice. I had to rent a car because the driver that was hired was driving erratically and I had gotten hurt. The sleeping arrangements in this RV were less than ideal for a group of adults. With all the trauma and chaos, I eventually couldn’t drive and had to have a friend fly into Texas to drive me back to L.A to get my belongings and then back home to Ohio.  

I can’t just walk away and turn a blind eye to what I saw and what I still see happening today. I can’t be silent about what I was asked to be an accomplice to and leave other potential contractors in the dark. I have been left traumatized mentally, emotionally, spiritually and yes, even financially, as I was never paid by Corey. In order to protect myself from the gross mismanagement, I had to walk away. In order to protect others, I had to share my experience. 

I also lived in the house for months before the tour and was strongly manipulated to never leave the house for anything.  I’m perpetually tormented by images of Corey Feldman having an orgy while worrying about getting kicked out of the house or fired from my job.  I remember trying to go to my room and wasn’t allowed to and trying to retreat and being bullied into staying in the room.  When I finally left Corey’s manager Phil Shapiro didn’t want me to talk to the media. They didn’t want me talking about living in the house, about sexual harassment or their attempts to coerce me into sexual behaviors I wasn’t comfortable with. Phil tried to pay me off for $1000, no joke, to not associate with the Wolfpack.  I told him he would pay me my paycheck and nothing else and I got the hell out of there. 


Mara Moon

2. Jacqueline Vonrueden (AKA Jezebel Sweet) former Corey’s Angel and musician. You can also listen to her personal testimony about the sodomy and rape she witnessed on a crying female by Corey Feldman…here.

My name is Jacqueline Vonrueden and I was hired as a musician on Corey Feldman’s spring and summer tours in 2017. In the seven months that I worked for him, I also lived with him in his home along with his wife Courtney and two other women who worked for and/or dated him.

He and his wife have a polyamorous relationship and often participated in group sex parties. I was never romantically or sexually involved with him and I was told that my choice not to participate would be respected and would not affect whether or not I was hired for tour. 

One of the first nights after I moved in he was running a bubble bath and when the tub was full he said “Okay, let’s get in!” without ever asking if I was even interested. I politely refused and excused myself. 

A couple of days later, his wife and another girl asked if I wanted to take a bath with them. Corey said if I wasn’t comfortable with him joining that he would go do something else. I agreed to take a bath with the girls and he left so we could do so. Shortly after, he came back in, got undressed and got in the bath anyway. I felt confused and thought maybe I hadn’t communicated well enough. They were really high and having a lot of fun and I didn’t protest. He sat down next to me, and he and his wife started kissing directly over me because she was on my other side. I left soon after and went to my room.

Less than a week later, we all went to a nightclub together for his wife’s birthday. He kissed her, kissed one of his girlfriends and then leaned in to kiss me. I turned my head so he could give me a kiss on the cheek, and he forcefully grabbed my face and put his mouth on mine, despite me physically resisting him. I was shocked, but said nothing. I heard him refer to me as his girlfriend a few times throughout the night. He kept getting mad at his wife when she introduced me to people as their bandmate.



There were various times at his home and on tour where he grabbed at my butt or breasts. I was not vocal when this happened, I would usually just remove myself from the situation. I had clearly communicated several times that I was not interested in anything sexual so I assumed that he just didn’t care. I should have been more assertive, but I was afraid of getting fired and kicked out. I was completely broke at the time because he told me I was not allowed to work besides for him and he wasn’t paying me anything during the time we were rehearsing and getting ready for tour.



There was a lot of drug use going on, mainly MDMA, ketamine and prescription pills like OxyContin and Adderall that they would crush up and snort. I initially refused to do these drugs because I had previously had a bad experience when I tried MDMA in the past. He continuously pressured me to try it again, saying that his drugs were very pure and would not make me sick. I eventually gave in and used both MDMA and ketamine with him.
The first time I did MDMA with them we were at a concert in Oakland. I thought we would be returning to Los Angeles that night, but instead Corey purchased a hotel room for us, which turned out to have only one bed. This made me uncomfortable because I had never slept in the same bed as them before, and I had my own room at his house. We all sat on the bed, hanging out, talking and listening to music for awhile. Eventually things started to get sexual. He tried to kiss me and became annoyed when I refused. He didn’t pressure me any further, but he did have sex with the other girls in front of me.
A similar situation happened on tour in New York City. I tried to go back to the tour bus with the other girls after our show but he yelled at me and said I had to go with him because it was his birthday. We had a party at his hotel suite. Some of the girls left and then Corey had sex with the ones who stayed besides myself and one girl who was there with her boyfriend who only had sex with him while we watched. Eventually that couple left too. One of the other girls had told Corey earlier in the day that she was going to have anal sex with him as a gift for his birthday. She had never done it before and when he told her he wanted to do it, she said no because she was scared and she had changed her mind. His wife Courtney started screaming at the girl, saying that she had to do it because she already said she would. Corey yelled at her too. The girl started crying and kept saying no, but Corey didn’t care and he forced himself on her. His wife was touching me and kept saying “Isn’t that so hot?” while he raped her. I had done so much MDMA and ketamine that I was physically ill, I felt freezing cold and I couldn’t move or speak. 
Later in the night when Corey and Courtney were sleeping, I talked to the girl and she was crying and telling me a story about someone else who had raped her when she was younger. She didn’t acknowledge what had just happened and kept saying how grateful she was for Corey and how he was the only person that ever really loved her. I felt extremely confused and the next day everyone acted as if everything was perfectly fine.
When we returned to LA after tour, I did ketamine and MDMA with them for the third time when they were having a small party with another couple. Again he gave me way too much and I got very sick, and again I watched them all have sex. One of the other girls got very sick as well from doing too much and when she said she wasn’t feeling well, Corey told her she just needed to do more.  His wife agreed and they pressured her into doing another line, which of course made her feel worse. She kept saying how sick she felt and trying to redirect the night to anything other than sex, asking if we could give each other massages instead or go into the hot tub. Corey said no, that she needed to just do more drugs because they were going to have sex with her all night. He and his wife didn’t seem to care that she didn’t want to. She never said the word no, but she seemed extremely ill and unhappy and was too intoxicated to consent, in my opinion. 
My contract ended a few days later, and Corey and Courtney left for a vacation in Hawaii. I moved out while they were gone, afraid that if I stayed any longer I was going to become addicted to drugs and end up getting raped. After I took some time to process everything that happened, I decided to report these incidents to the police. I was unable to file an official report about what had happened to the other women because I was not the victim in those cases. I was told I could only file a report about him touching me and forcing me to kiss him, so I did. I filed a police report against Corey Feldman for sexual assault and battery which resulted in a criminal investigation where I was able to speak to the detective about everything that had happened to the other women as well. The only witness who reported seeing Corey Feldman sexually assault me did not report a specific location because they couldn’t remember which of the 40+ cities we were in when they saw him assault me. This testimony was not admissible in LA jurisdiction and the DA ultimately could not press charges.


3. Poeina Suddarth: Costume designer and musician.

To whom it may concern,
My name is Poeina and I have no incentive to write this statement but I wish to protect women and children from a repeat sexual predator.   When I was introduced to Corey Feldman I was living in a garage in Van Nuys, CA with the homeowners pet rooster.  The homeowner was in the garage watching “her poor friend Corey” and showed me the video that had gone viral on the Today show Sept 2016.  I had similar criticisms as most people that the vocals and costumes were terrible.  I was working as a costume designer & The lady I lived with texted him saying I could make better costumes. 
Next thing I knew I was at Corey’s house in Encino and we sat and talked for around 3 hours. He talked to me about being abused as a kid and how he wanted to create a safe working environment for women. He told me he was invited back on the Today Show and it was his big comeback and he begged me to help with his dream. He said he didn’t have any money to pay me but he would pay for supplies and that he had other opportunities coming up if I did this for him he would make it worth my while. He said he would promote me in his documentary about the band and tours and would hire me to do more work.  He also went on about how horrible the media is and how they make up lies about him for buzz. He talked about Krystal Kahli and how she got paid a bunch of money to distort the truth and talk bad about him and how wife swap edited the show to make him look horrible and everything was out of context.  He seemed so nice and seemed like he wanted to be my friend. He seemed really open and vulnerable and sweet. 
I decided against watching any news online about him.  I wanted to give him the benefit of doubt and I just wanted to judge him like he was any other person.  LA was tough as a struggling artist and I thought it sounded wonderful to work with a bunch of women in a safe environment.   Corey Feldman said he was trying to be a voice in Hollywood for women and children against sexual violence.  I was also a victim of sexual abuse as a child and had that in common with Corey so I agreed and joined the team.   
I still have an unpaid invoice for the costumes I made for the today show performance.  I mostly spent my time and I only spent $157 on supplies. I mostly made the costume out of reused cardstock & floor sweepings of crystals from one of the design shops I worked for.  Immediately when I started working there were cameras in my face filming me working and fitting the angels.  After the performance he tweeted a thank you to me for my work.   Here you can see the light up Crystalized halls and handmade wings the angels wore to replace the party city wings and halos.
I was asked to remake the wings for the spring tour as the wings on the Today Show were fragile and made out of paper.  Again he promised that the following tour he would have a budget and put me on payroll and he would make it worth my whole and promote me.  I told him this was ridiculous because I’m not an aspiring costume designer. Design work is what I did as my money job and music was what I was passionate about.  Corey begged and pleaded with me and even agreed that he would pay for supplies and I could open for him on the summer tour.   
I remade all the halos and wings with better materials and I worked on a few costume pieces for Corey as well. He gave me $20 once but again never paid the invoices I sent for cost of the supplies.  I worked about 100 hours altogether making the costumes.  By the time it got to the summer tour I didn’t even want to go I felt like I was being taken advantage of.  The first issue was I wasn’t added to the tour and I was told I had to call all the venues and book myself as the opening act. On top of that his team refused to give me any contact info for any of the bookers of the venues.  I was only able to book myself on four shows and every media outlet who wanted to do a write up about me as the opening act and costume designer had to get approval from Corey and his team which never happened. So even though he promised to promote me in exchange for my work every attempt was shut down.   It was really frustrating and at this point I felt like I needed to go to make sure these girls were safe as they were all much younger than me and Corey seemed to be a really good manipulator.  
I signed a crappy contract for $500 a week, all food and hotels included. Although the angels in their contract were never allowed to leave the group I got my contract amended to include that as a devout Catholic I was allowed to leave to attend mass whenever it was possible with the driving schedule. Once the summer tour started Corey was angry that the venues booked niche acts a lot of which included devil themed performances.  The venues tried to make it about angels and devils and Corey was upset because he wanted to be considered a real musical act. After the first couple shows I opened for him he demanded I perform every night to set the stage for the audience to see the show as a real show.   Many of the venues were taken off guard as they thought I was the tour manager and weren’t given any notice I was performing.  Many of the audiences greeted me with boo’s and where is Corey.  Every night I had to win over an angry crowd.  
I was performing my own set, singing backup during his set back stage, dressing him, repairing costumes, cleaning costumes, doing laundry, as well as many other daily tasks. The tour manager was only 19 and had never been on tour so as the most experienced musician on the road I picked up so much slack that I was working around 18 hours a day. On top of all that I wasn’t allowed to eat anything and surprise surprise we weren’t paid our first check for almost two weeks. The other girls weren’t being fed either so every night I collected whatever food I could find in the green room and cool it on the bus into whatever meals I could manage. When the venues would accidentally put meat in the green room which wasn’t allowed I would hide it for the girls to eat later.  I wasn’t eating nearly enough and I was literally starving and got so sick I had to go to the ER. Corey didn’t want me to go to the ER and insisted I had an std and he kept trying to give me medication out of his giant pharmacy bag. I told him over and over I was celibate and I didn’t have an std. Corey told me that it was impossible for me to be celibate. Finally I made it to the ER and got medication for a stomach issue.  I called a friend and said I was starving and he sent me $200. I went to the store and got food and medicinal supplements. When I returned to the bus I was told I wasn’t allowed to bring my food on the bus because there wasn’t room. Despite this insanity I said well I’ll sleep with it but I’m not going without basic essentials.  I spent the remainder of the tour sleeping in a bunk with my groceries.  I tried to complain to Corey’s manager and he said some disgusting things to me which I would definitely consider sexual harassment.  So then I tried to complain to Corey who promised a safe working environment and he said his manager sexually assaulted his wife by grabbing her once and he sexually harasses all the girls. He pretended to be sympathetic.  I asked why would you work with someone like that and he said he had no choice he had to because he put so much money in his film that he was forced to just deal with it. 
Overall the tour was a nightmare but then we got home.  First we didn’t get paid our last week of wages. Then one of the angels Jackie Von Reuden said she hated him and was sick to her stomach and couldn’t stand to be in his house one more second and asked if I would help her move out.  I said sure no problem and went to Corey’s house while he and Courtney were in Hawaii. I took Jackie to my house as she had no money and no where to go.  When Corey returned from his trip he sent me a series of psychotic text messages calling me a home wrecker and a satanist.   I couldn’t figure out what the heck he was talking about. Finally Jackie opened up to me about what she witnessed and went through on that tour that I didn’t see.  I immediately took her to the police station to make a report. 
Corey immediately replaced us with other young women for a fall tour which turned into a nightmare for those girls without me.  They told me it was ten times worse without me there to hold it all together.  He used my costumes again for this tour without payment or permission. 
Corey began bad talking us to his fans calling us lecherous and only referred to me as Jackie’s girlfriend, not costume designer or anything else but some angry lesbian girlfriend sidekick to Jackie. We got death threats from his fans and there was a blue van parked outside my house for over a month. We even had someone take photographs of us that were given to Corey which he showed his fans to somehow prove we were satanists.  
We tried to expose him as he made himself a hero for sexual abuse survivors during the me too campaign but no one would help us.  Celebrity insider released an article when we filed the police report but it was taken down. We got burned out and gave up and tried to move on. 
We had to watch as people donated money to this scam artist. Thankfully people heard our story and continued without us trying to expose Corey for being a liar, manipulator and a sexual predator.  Then Corey began referring to anyone who opposed him as the Wolfpack and claimed we were trying to stop his work of God. Then Corey’s horrible movie came out and the “Wolfpack” came together to do whatever we could to expose him and convince people not to give him their money. Because of this more victims began contacting us telling us stories about being raped, drugged, manipulated and sexually bullied by Corey Feldman.  Apparently we made Corey pretty angry for giving his victims a voice and he began trashing us online to his fans saying we are pedophile protectors working for an elite organization and that I was hired as a spy to destroy his organization from the inside.   My response to that is well now I won’t shut up until all his victims come forward and he gets investigated for fraud.  I feel a sense of responsibility because his show was crap and I made it good enough for his fans to enjoy or it would have fallen apart much sooner. I sang backstage to beef up the chorus vocals and remade all the costumes which band members said they wouldn’t have gone on that tour if it weren’t for my costumes. Everything I did made his show look legitimate and I feel terrible for that. My talents were used to make this man look good and I deeply regret that. I don’t regret however going on that tour to protect the young girls the best I could. Corey Feldman needs to be in jail. He is a dangerous psychopath who needs to be held accountable. 
-Poeina Suddarth 


Additionally: I forgot two things. I wasn’t given hotel rooms as per my contract and stayed in the bus during the whole tour and after not showering for over a week Corey invited me to stay in his room which I said hell no. There was one night he asked me to collect women for him at a show to which I also said no.

-Poeina Suddarth


4. Margot Lane, Music Director and band mate. You can listen to her entire testimony….here. She claims to have seen and experience Corey Feldman slipping women unsuspecting drugs, as well as similar testimony of emotional abuse, sexual harassment, and lack of payment for work rendered.

5. Chantal Knippenburg, who claims Feldman was being inappropriate with underage girls. You can listen to her interview here:

6. Amy Clark, former band mate: I came across her now deleted tweet of physical abuse and subsequent suspended/deleted Twitter account.

Those are their stories, and I would be shocked if more women didn’t come forward after this. The problem is that when women do come forward against Corey, he uses his celebrity and sad excuse of a fanbase to publicly shame and bully them. They aren’t doing this for money, as Corey is perpetually broke, and if they wanted fame they could have stayed in that living hell instead of fighting it. Corey Feldman is a degenerate addict, a sexual predator, and a full blown rapist. Stop making excuses for the him, and start supporting these victims this entire degenerate industry only pretends to with its fake #metoo movement and sound bites. Give these women the airtime and respect they deserve. This is not the first time some of these stories were told, but I hope it finally reaches the people that need to hear it and can do something about it. I’m sure Corey will try to unleash hell on me too, and he’s welcome to bring it. There’s no way all these stories happen to align by all these women including me, Corey might have been abused…but now he is the abuser, and it needs to end.

And will someone please inform SAG that Corey Feldman has fucking ZERO right to be on their panel to address sexual harassment.

Gabrielle Carterus, SAG President: 855–724-2387

Update: I had been contacted by a man that claimed to know the girl who I helped in the bathroom that night with Corey, and he said she had some sort of emotional breakdown and has since withdrawn from public life. When I checked for her on FB, I received this message. She has also not been active on Twitter for the last 3 years.

Because she has not consented to having her name released, and she is clearly struggling with this I blocked it out. I pray that you find peace and if you need anything girl, I am always here for you. ??


If you have any additional info to add, please contact me, Mindy Robinson at

Twitter/Instagram @iheartmindy


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